3D Facial Walkthrough Control

Product Highlight

  • Prevention of penetration of secure areas and premises as a result of counterfeiting, theft of documents or passwords, etc, by intruders.
  • Guaranteeing access to restricted sites only to certified specialists.
  • Eliminating risk and inconvenience connected with loss, damage, or forgotten keys, passwords, cards, etc.
  • Increase in flow-through volume at control checkpoints without loss of required level of security.
Specification Base model
2D high resolution Images +
3D high resolution images +
Operating distance 800-1600 mm
Vision vertical angle 44°
Vision horizontal angle 34°
Recognition time 1 sec
Registration time 2 sec
Database in verification mode Unlimited
Light Flash (no light bulb)
Ethernet +
Wiegand +
Supply voltage 100-240v 50/60 Hz
Power intake 60W
Operating temperature range +10° C to +35° C
Humidity range 20% to 80%
Installation Installation on the turnstile
Dimensions (mm) 691mm x 129mm x 94mm
Weight 6kg