Iris Recognition

  • Positive Identification
  • Most accurate
  • Easy of Use
    • No PINS, Passwords or Cards needed for Identification
  • Rapid Speed of Throughout
    • Exhaustive one-to-many search identifies individual in seconds
    • Performs at a matching rate of 100,000 per second
    • No Degradation of Accuracy
  • Completely Non-Contact
    • No physical contact required
    • Works from 3 to 10” away
  • Highly scalable
Iris Access Controller

  • Excellent Authentication Rate even though wearing Mask & Goggles
  • State-of-the-Art Optical Design
  • ISO/IEC Standard
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Easy Enrollment/Authentication
  • Extended Recognition Distance
  • High Recognition Speed
  • Face Image Capture
Iris Module

  • Embedded Type of Iris Recognition Module.
  • Versatile and minimized to fit for access-control system development.
  • All processes such as iris image capture, template enrolment, and authentication are executed in the module.
  • Setting threshold value available.
  • Saving users templates on embedded flash memory.