Portable Media Relay System

Product Highlight

  • Our Portable Media Relay System (PMRS) broadcasts live video, audio and GPS location over wireless networks such as 3G, 4G and WIFI.
  • Built-in software for recording and monitoring live high quality video, audio and location, with visual motion detection and SMS notification features.
  • Units can stream the highest bandwidth exist regardless number of clients with very low latency and high quality.
  • All products support smart phone clients such as iPhone, iPad, Android etc.


System Advantages

  • Handheld, wearable small form factor
  • MRS architecture is based on MRS server
  • Units can stream with the highest bandwidth exist regardless number of clients
  • Dual encoding (local recording in D1 and streaming in CIF is possible)
  • System design for low bandwidth and packet delivery failure
  • Automatic bandwidth control by the units
  • Multi clients to multi units communication using the server
  • Only MRS server must have fix IP address
  • Live video, voice and location over map are combine together in one monitoring application
  • Built-in cellular module (need only SIM)
  • Deep Sleep mode and scheduler (remote control)


Basic System Architecture

Portable Media Relay System