Rugged In-Vehicle 4G/LTE Router

Product Highlight

  • Embedded broadband radio interfaces for true high speed connectivity to on-board applications.
  • Multiple wireless modem and SIM support for automatic failsafe backup through an alternative cellular broadband network.
  • Embedded Wi-Fi 802.11n interfaces, with configurable operation mode (Access Point or Client) and optimized transmission and reception features.
  • Ethernet switch expands a professional LAN network for serving the vehicle devices, such as security cameras, on-board computers, etc.
  • GPS with state of the art features, including fastest time to first fix in the market.
  • Hardware-based data encryption for the highest performance in multi-VPN transmission.
  • Internetworking Software (CIT): complete suite of IP networking protocols, security VPN and firewall features, professional router management tools, etc.


Key Features

  • Reliable LTE wireless-WAN broadband performance
    • 4G cellular interfaces provide uninterrupted vehicle connectivity and application continuity when travelling through poor coverage areas
    • Automatic selection of the best available connection
  • Multipurpose embedded Wi-Fi
    • Vehicle-proof Wi-Fi: better transmission, flexible frequency operation (2,4 and 5 GHz), extended temperature range, reduced component aging, surge circuit protection, power efficiency, etc.
  • Fully Managed Ethernet Switch Ports
    • Full VLAN support, per-VLAN QoS, per-port Ethernet diagnostics and SNMP management allows for the implementation of efficient and top secured LAN networks on board


Typical Configuration

Rugged In-Vehicle 4G-LTE Router